Total Communication

Making a consistent and positive difference


Gloucestershire Total Communication actively promotes all methods of communication. Our aim is to ensure a 'common language' is adopted for all people to help make a consistent and positive difference to everybody's lives.


Information, networking and the development of shared resources for a common language are vital.


Our special schools run training which is open to parents, staff in education, health and social services and the community throughout Gloucestershire.

The tools of total communication are:

  • gesture,
  • body language,
  • facial expression,
  • objects of reference,
  • photographs,
  • drawings,
  • symbols,
  • written words,
  • vocalisation,
  • intonation,
  • verbalisation,
  • access to modern technology.


Due to changes in the budget in Gloucestershire, regular courses are no longer available.  However, training can be bought in from the county special schools on an individual basis.  Please contact your nearest special school for advice on what can be offered and costs.  Alternatively, email from this website to Helen, who will then contact you.


Gloucestershire is committed to building a learning community where all children and young people are equally respected and able to participate fully in the educational setting of their and their parents' choice.


The Gloucestershire County Council website aims to provide access to a wide range of advice and materials for teachers, parents, and others working with children and young people with SEN, in Gloucestershire.

Information about the range of Special Educational Needs support that is available in Gloucestershire, together with the county's SEN policy, is available from the Gloucestershire County Council website.


Our Film

We have created a film explaining the ethos of Total Communication.
Watch our film


Five CD's are available to buy which have been produced by the Gloucestershire Total Communication project. They have been designed for anybody who wishes to learn or refresh their signing skills. Each CD uses different words. The words are shown by themselves and also in the context of a simple sentence. more information..


Awareness Raising
A half-day course to highlight some of the augmentative and alternative communication methods available.
Induction Level
A basic overview of the reasons for communication breakdown and how to use the tools of total communication.