Total Communication

Communicating with me


Profiles provide an effective way to demonstrate how a person communicates with others and how we should communicate with them.

Gloucestershire Total Communication have two versions – placemats and booklets.

“This is an example of a ‘placemat’ style Communication Profile.  You need to fill in the larger booklet one, to ensure that you don’t forget anything important, then condense the information that is applicable to me.  I can have a grid on both sides of A4 (landscape style is good), which can then be laminated for me to carry with me in my bag wherever I go.  If you add some photos of me and some of my friends, it encourages me to share it with other people.  I can show them the photos and they can read the important things about me.  You can use lots of different headings, depending on what is appropriate for me.”



  • CP1 CP1
  • CP2 CP2
  • CP3 CP3
  • CP4 CP4
  • CP5 CP5
  • CP6 CP6
  • CP7 CP7
  • CP8 CP8
  • CP9 CP9
  • CP10 CP10

Booklet Guide

In the example above you can view the pages by mouse clicking the arrow buttons in the slideshow panel.

You can download a version of the booklet by clicking here